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Midot | Integrity as a standard

Employee integrity and ethics are crucial for business. A lack of integrity can lead to the failure of any organization.

Accurately assessing the trustworthiness of candidates and existing employees is far from simple. It requires a deep understanding of psychology, personnel assessment, and cultural norms, as well as the right content, technology and processes to support effective, validated, and scalable assessments. Ensuring accurate results is critical, as assessments can significantly impact people’s careers and lives, as well as a company’s security and success.

As a world-leading expert in integrity and counterproductive work behavior assessments, Midot provides organizations of any size, from small businesses to global enterprises, with scientifically validated, field-proven assessment solutions, delivered through an advanced, secure technology platform.

Midot’s solutions are constantly updated to align with changing organizational needs and global employment trends. Midot’s advanced online assessment management platform provides human resource teams with a cost-efficient, flexible processes, and accurate and fast results while minimizing the hassle for candidates.

With Midot, human resource teams, safety managers and business managers can make hiring decisions with peace of mind, and help maintain a competitive advantage.

Midot | When you have to be sure

Passionate about integrity – With all resources dedicated solely to integrity and counterproductive work behavior assessment solutions, Midot offers unmatched knowledge and excellence specific to the field.

Comprehensive research and development program – Half of the company budget is allocated to R&D, powering leading-edge innovation and continuous development, and improvements in both content and technology.

Extensive academic validation – Unrivaled scientific research and publications in dozens of academic studies worldwide provide a robust backing for assessment decisions and ROI calculations.

Proactive development – Ensures that Midot assessment solutions remain aligned with evolving best practices and organizational changes..

Highly experienced team – Midot is led by an interdisciplinary team of senior researchers, developers and managers with extensive training and experience in psychology, psychometrics, and personnel security.

Midot | What’s in a name

In Hebrew, the term “Midot” has a dual meaning of both “measurements” and “good values”. Together, these topics epitomize our founder’s dream to make integrity assessments a standard for organizations around the world.

Midot – serving you responsibly with unmatched expertise.

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