A critical look at psychological testing in Israel, and comparisons with its European neighbors | Midot
Publication year:2013
Published in: International Journal of Testing, 13(3), 249-271
Authors:Fine s.
Article abstract

While psychological tests are used extensively in Israel, the current controls over testing practices in Israel deserve some attention. Specifically, unlike in some European countries and the United States, (a) no specific certifications are offered to Israeli psychologists in the area of testing; (b) Israeli psychologists are not obligated to pursue continued professional education programs; and (c) the tests published in Israel are seldom reviewed independently for quality and local usability. This study surveyed a sample of Israeli psychologists (N = 338) on the topic of psychological testing in Israel and compared the results with the mean results from a similar European survey (Muniz et al., 2001). Overall, the findings confirm the wide use and high value of testing among Israeli psychologists, but they indicate that a greater level of professional supervision is still required to better ensure the competence of test users and the quality of tests being used.

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