The psychological predictors of successful entrepreneurship in China: An empirical study | Midot
Publication year:2012
Published in: International Journal of Management, 29(1/2), 279-292
Authors:Fine, S., Meng, H., Feldman, G., & Nevo, B.
Article abstract

The present study summarizes the validity of a multi-method integrity test developed to measure integrity and counterproductive work behaviors (CWB) in personnel selection of a Peruvian sample. This instrument has been thoroughly studied in other cultural contexts, establishing its validity in predicting counter-productive behaviors. In order to study external validity, two criteria were used: (a) The Counterproductive Work Behavior Checklist (CWB-C) and (b) a supervisor evaluation questionnaire. The criterion validity of the Peruvian Spanish version was studied with a sample of 194 employed students, 86 male (44.3%) and 108 (55.7%) female. Participants were recruited from a large private Peruvian university. The instrument’s overall score correlated with self-reported CWB (r= -.62, p < .05). Female participants reported higher scores than male participants on the Attitudes (U (193) = 3842.5, p

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