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Midot – Global Management

Assuring innovation and professional agency

We know that serving reputable global brands and companies demands an established and reliable company with an outstanding reputation. Midot’s commitment to the quality of its testing solutions is matched by its commitment to providing the highest standard of service and to constantly measuring and improving its service performance.

Midot accompanies the changing reality of various industries for more than 40 years. Many of the updates in our solutions and services are the direct result of partnering with hundreds of brands around the world. These relationships allow Midot to design highly specialized, industry specific solutions. You’ll find ready-to-run, pre-configured solutions to cater to specific industry domains, jobs and positions, alongside broad customization options. Working with Midot means you can benefit from years of hands-on experience and research, to find viable and proven solutions.

Chief Executive Officer
Deputy Chief Executive Officer
Chief R&D Officer
Chief Product Officer
Head of Safety Consulting Department
Head of Scientific Questioning Department
Regional Manager – Mexico & CA
Regional Manager – LATAM
Country Manager – Israel
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