A highly efficient assessment platform by Midot

A highly efficient assessment platform

Manage your entire personnel selection process in one place – from link publication through the assessment process, and the final hiring decision.

Podium is a web-based platform designed to enable organizations of all sizes to construct and administer employee assessments and surveys, read and customize diagnostic reports, and manage end-to-end selection and recruitment processes from one centralized multilingual cloud-based platform.

Manage your entire selection process

  • From start to finish, you can depend on Podium: a user-friendly interface, that’s easy and intuitive to operate, yet has a rich and innovative technology.
  • Easily customize Podium to your organizational structure and personnel needs.
  • Choose the best way to invite examinees to participate: on-site or remotely; public or individual links; self or pre-registration; and batch invitations all in one click.
  • Our examinee card will grant you a complete view of the test results, recruiters’ comments, background info, attached photos, CVs and documents.
  • Our In-test webcam monitoring lets you test examinees remotely while ensuring their identity as authorized test takers.

Adaptation to massive recruitment

  • An easy-to-use, all in one click module, enables uploading thousands of examinees and sending invitations to start testing.
  • A powerful platform that supports the simultaneous testing of thousands of examinees.
  • Light version for locations with limited internet connections.
  • Limit assessment campaigns by dates, number of applications, and IP ranges.

Maximum personalization

  • Personalize all communications with examinees: email invitations, legal forms, and end of process messages.
  • Add your own sets of questions to our existing tests to make the tests more accurate and relevant.
  • Add your own tests to Midot’s test batteries and share them with examinees in one link.
  • When several assessments are involved, automate scoring and hiring decisions for each vacancy and campaign.

Cutting edge technology

  • Using the most advanced practices to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of our services.
  • Certified by ISO 27001 for information security since 2008.
  • Full compliance for GDPR and local law requirements.
  • High flexibility in granting user permissions and classifications depending on organizational structures.
  • Two-factor login authentications.
  • Compatible with the most browsers and mobile devices.

Midot leads the market in offering economical, fully secured, online tests, delivered through a unique platform that enables exceptional convenience and flexibility for both operators and candidates.

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