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Midot Assessments

A unique decision-making tool for managers

Midot assessments help you make more confident hiring decisions and accompany you throughout the employment lifecycle.

The assessments provide you with a competitive advantage and the choice for unparalleled peace of mind – the ability to make sure your employees are reliable, and that the people that come to work with you actually come to stay.

Customers report significant improvements and savings after using the various Midot assessments. Benefits have included: significant reductions in turnover, disciplinary incidents, and workplace accidents.

Our cloud-based platform for managing employee and candidate assesments

The Podium platform is designed to allow organizations of all sizes, from around the world, to construct and administer occupational assessments and surveys, to customize and read diagnostic reports online, and manage end-to-end recruitment and selection processes from a centralized online application.

From Podium, you can manage each of the solutions we offer.

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Reduce risks of undesired behaviors, hire trustworthy people.

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Reduce the risk of early leaving and identify stable candidates.

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Identify candidates with risk of work related accidents.

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Identify and screen candidates according to their overall job suitability.

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Evaluate current employees’ trustfulness before promotions, position transfers or after specific events.

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Identify employees with risks towards work related accidents

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A unique exit survey to evaluate undesirable behaviors in the organization.

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Let us prove to you that Midot has the best solutions for you. We are committed to providing a reliable 360˚ solution that can be tailored to the needs of any organization.

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