Periodic evaluation of employee integrity

TRSUTEE, of our leading products, enables the periodic evaluation of employee integrity and loyalty throughout the employment lifecycle.

Map integrity and risk amongst existing employees

Trustworthy employees are essential to every business. They contribute to the profitability, service and reputation of an organization.

According to most estimates, at least a third of employees are involved in counterproductive work behaviors, which often go undetected. Counterproductive work behaviors are influenced not only by an employee’s integrity and values, but also by situational factors at work, such as satisfaction, norms and security controls. What’s more, these factors may evolve throughout the employee’s employment period, due to a range of possible changes in his or her job (e.g., position, supervisor) the organization (e.g., mergers, restructuring) or personal life (e.g., debts, addictions). Therefore, assessing employees’ risks of counterproductive behaviors should be carried out periodically, taking into consideration that the level of risk may not stay constant. Furthermore, these assessments can point out weak links and problematic norms on a company level or department level that can be later influenced through corrective actions.

TRUSTEE is recommended for:

  • Periodic employee evaluations
  • Pre-promotion or job transfer evaluations
  • Post-event related evaluations


Administration Format:

Appropriate for:
All positions, all levels

Testing time:
Approximately 35 minutes

Number of items:
156 items

On-site or remote testing

Immediately available online

Language level requirements:
7th grade

Response format:
Multiple choice and free text when desired

Personalized, optimized, relevant

  • Choose from pre-defined test versions available in our catalogue or customize an unlimited number of versions and test questions according to your company’s needs and policies.
  •  Benefit from standardization – integrate your own specific informative questions to the TRUSTEE, define the rules and view all responses in the report.
  •  Personalize testing norms to maximize the test within your company, employing standards and organizational reality.

Reach the best decisions through interactive reports

  • Test results are very clear, so to help you reach the best decisions promptly, you will receive additional support information for follow-up interviews.
  • Use the online benchmarks to compare your company’s performance with other relevant groups.
  • For professional audits and risk assessments, share employees’ key answers and interview insights with your colleagues and managers.

Highly accurate and scientifically- validated

  • TRUSTEE is repeatedly proven to be highly accurate; backed by series of studies (see our list of scientific publications).
  • A proprietary algorithm measures more than just the examinee’s answers; it reveals patterns of responses which facilitate a true understanding of the examinees’ potential risks.
  • Our New TRUSTEE incorporates the most recent psychological and interrogative techniques to elicit more reliable responses

HR and Security department power tools

After 30 years of collecting data and statistics, Midot offers you unprecedented benchmarking and follow-up tools.

  • Compare employees’ test results and see how your company and business units perform against other benchmark populations.
  • Receive background information and professionally- phrased questions for follow-up interviewing.
  • Add comments during the follow up investigation, including any insightful information you find valuable, and share them with your colleagues and managers.

We are passionate about leading the field

Ensuring test accuracy is critical, as it may significantly impact people’s careers and lives, as well as company security and success. Midot is the world leader in integrity testing not only because we are one of the first, the biggest, and the most globally adapted; but because we remain passionately committed to professionalism and science.

  •  We’ve offered integrity testing for more than 30 years– always foreseeing the future.
  •  Almost no other testing publisher has investigated and published as many academically acknowledged papers as Midot.
  • With our New TRUSTEE we continue to offer innovation in new techniques and services. The new test offers more customization and is even more secure and reliable than before.

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The TRUSTEE has been validated and revised over the past 20 years, making it a highly effective and accurate tool for occupational integrity testing.

  • Companies auditing and assessing their current employees through the TRUSTEE, report the tool to be very powerful as a unique indicator for identifying rotten apples within the company – whether individuals or groups and business units – so they know better where to focus their audits and controls in mitigating the human factor risk.
  • 92% of examinees report the TRUSTEE to be clear, non-invasive, non-discriminatory and relevant to their job. They also share their positive impression of companies that care about work ethics, along with their desire to work with said companies.

Increased organizational awareness of counterproductive work behavior

  • Periodic administration of TRUSTEE will increase employees’ awareness of the importance the organization attributes to integrity.
  • This awareness will positively affect the organizational culture and help guard it against undesirable behaviors.

Podium, a highly efficient assessment platform

  • Manage your entire assessment process in one place.
  • Easily customize Podium to your organizational needs.
  • See all your assessments and usage analytics in one place.
  • Cloud–based, secure and state of the art technology.

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Companies using TRUSTEE as an ongoing annual assessment, report a better understanding of how counterproductive work behaviors translate into company and department level challenges, and a better ability to influence problematic norms by crafting corrective actions and optimizing them along time.

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TRUSTEE provides an overall score based on an individual employee’s potential risk towards counterproductive work behaviors.

Personal values

Service tolerance
Drugs and Alcohol use at work

Organizational commitment

Job satisfaction
Job security
Organizational justice
Identify with the organization

Security awareness

Organizational norms
Monitoring & supervision

Additional customized questions may be added.

Customer Benefits Package

As a Midot customer, you receive access to your chosen assessments, process management tools, and a wide range of complementary services: training, support, professional consulting, ROI analysis, local validation, and norms and scoring optimization. We are here to support your responsibility through a comprehensive and professional approach.


From day one and all the way through the service cycle, unlimited online and in-person training is available to all test administrators.


Midot’s team is always ready to answer users’ queries, typically with near-immediate response times.


Unrivaled scientific research and publications in dozens of academic studies worldwide provides robust backing for assessment decisions and enables accurate ROI calculations.


Midot is led by an interdisciplinary team of senior researchers, developers and managers with extensive education and experience in psychology, psychometrics, scientific questioning, and security.

Reports – make informed decisions immediately

Employee’s results are available online, immediately upon completion of the test. Their results are easily short-listed by score and can also be viewed individually with details and elaborate information for in-depth analysis. All data is easily exported to excel for statistical analysis and managerial decisions.



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