Job Aptitude Test by Midot

Job Aptitude Test by Midot

Sole distributors of HR AVATAR’s psychometric testing in Israel and Latin America. Another addition to our toolbox.

Offering an array of job-targeted packages to test multiple dimensions of the candidate’s abilities and qualities. More engaging than a traditional text-based test.

Avatar Employment Tests are another tool in the MIDOT toolbox – psychometric testing geared to specific jobs through simulated, actual workplace situations. With a design based on an extensive research dataset, the tests, averaging 30 minutes, measure a full range of relevant factors including cognitive ability, knowledge, skills, personality characteristics, emotional intelligence and past work behaviors.

More enjoyable and relevant for the candidate than a text-based test, the psychometric package also offers the employer individually- adapted questions to probe specific issues in any follow-up interviews. Searching Avatar’s wide-ranging catalogue of job titles and specially-designed tests for each position is the first step in a comprehensive testing process, including a results report received within minutes of test completion and containing summary, details and an interview guide.

Midot is proud to be the sole distributors of HR AVATAR’s psychometric testing products in Israel and throughout Latin America. Companies in other countries can access the extensive catalogue and the whole-person testing packages directly through the website at


Midot leads the market in offering economical, fully secured, online tests, delivered through a unique platform that enables exceptional convenience and flexibility for both operators and candidates.

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