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In the competition for quality candidates, a selection system is needed that can meet clients’ different needs and standards, while providing a rich, positive job applicant experience.

The current recruitment climate is characterized by the need to consistently identify the highest quality candidates, while creating a positive applicant experience, thus increasing the attractiveness of the employer organization.

Business channels in recruitment and outsourcing agencies, and their success, are based on the ability to recruit quality employees in a timely manner. Recruitment of unsuitable employees – those who are problematic or leave prematurely – is considered a failure by the recruitment company. Damages to the company are not limited to monetary losses equal to the amounts they invested during the process, but also include a loss of trust and potential business relationships. Thus, recruitment processes and personnel selection must use high quality technologies to help ensure quality, trustworthy, stable candidates for employment.

Technological changes, consumer culture and business environments all demand new talents found most often among younger candidates. Adopting modern recruitment and selection strategies adapted for young, dynamic audiences directly impacts the employer’s attractiveness level, along with their positioning in the eyes of younger candidates and the public at large.

With the shift towards more advanced technologies and virtual technologies in particular, there is a demand for recruitment and employment companies to comply with new local and regional regulations regarding data security, confidentiality protection and data privacy. Otherwise, non-compliance may expose the organization and its managers to legal and financial threats. Working with technologically advanced platforms which have maximum security and protection of client and candidate information, can provide increased control, oversight and full transparency.

The vast majority of recruitment companies work with more than one client organization and must be capable of providing the appropriate service for a wide range of the clients’ characteristics and needs- whether business, professional or regulatory. This means everything from job descriptions and candidate profiles, recruitment stages and a variety of individual or multiple selection tools – whether human, automated or both, to duration, location and timing as defined by the clients’ needs.

Midot has accompanied the changing reality of recruitment and outsourcing agencies, as well as of their clients, for over 40 years. Many of Midot’s system updates are the direct outcome of partnerships with recruitment and outsourcing agencies world-wide.

Midot’s solutions for recruitment and outsourcing clients


Confidence and security vis-à-vis legal and regulatory requirements

Midot invests significant efforts and resources into adapting technological environments and work processes to satisfy all new regulations. Midot have been ISO27001 certified to manage data security since 2008, and comply with all GDPR demands as well as a range of additional legal requirements in the various markets in which they work. All of Midot’s questionnaires and results reports along with the version flexibility allow the organizations to comply with all the legal and local security and employment requirements.


Appropriate coverage for recruitment and outsourcing agencies.

Podium – Midot’s selection platform – also includes a multi-layered compartmentalization system. The system was developed by Midot in order to provide targeted responses for recruitment and outsourcing agencies that provide services to employers and candidates in a range of fields and industries. The platform is adapted to the reality in which the agency carries out recruitment and selection for multiple clients- each with their own standards, organizational norms and selection policies. At the same time, the system is suited to cases of candidates for temporary positions or for consulting jobs in more than one place, through a single employer.


Adapting selection processes to a young, dynamic audience.

Podium – Midot’s selection platform, with its innovative toolbox, has already helped many of our clients adapt their selection processes to the current cultural and technological climate. The platform facilitates movement between computerized, distance and abbreviated selection processes; securely, fairly and with a rich examination experience.


A test catalogue with dozens of test versions adapted according to a range of positions.

The catalogue facilitates easy issuing as well innumerable versions of tests and selection batteries which include not only the adaptation and personalization of questions and sections for each client, but also the computerization and integration of questionnaires and knowledge exams for the end client –all in one place.


Efficiency in management and operation of selection processes.

Many recruitment agencies and independent HR consultants use Midot’s selection platform as a central system to manage selection processes and communications with their multiple clients. The ability to define unlimited user accounts, hierarchies and authorizations; the ability to view selection status and results for every candidate online; the ability to attach documents, pictures, interview summaries and fully personalize based on the look and feel of each client organization – each according to their rules, style and taste – have made Podium their choice for a selection platform. Numerous recruitment companies employ the In-TEST Webcam module to securely facilitate distance filtering. In this way they not only shorten and the process and increase efficiency, but also provide an up-to-date, friendlier experience for the examinees.


Technological integration through API

Large companies or those who prefer to work with their own recruitment and selection systems may choose to link up with the Podium platform through API and thus access our entire test catalogue, with no need to copy information or decentralize the process. Many of our larger clients have already done this with great success and continue to enjoy the many updates and new tools which Midot are constantly developing.

Recruiting, Staffing and Outsourcing Agencies

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