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Diebold Nixdorf


“During the past 4 years, we have applied more than 10,000 tests in 10 different countries. We have implemented a more robust selection process, which helps make people realize that getting hired by us is not a simple process, and includes a filter for measuring ethics and adherence to and we policies procedures – features deem to be essential for every new hire. Candidates applying for a job with us must be aware of this commitment before, during, and, most importantly, after the selection process.”




“After just 2 years since testing began, the organization now has 18% less driving accidents; 32% less manufacturing accidents; 51% less accident related costs; 500% Return on Investment”. …” We are extremely satisfied with the SafetyTEST’s performance overall, and we are excited to continue to roll it out to other areas in the organization in the years to come”.




“The StabiliTEST was used for a period of 12 months… The company’s overall turnover rate was compared to that which was recorded 12 months prior to using the tool. In all, the StabiliTEST was administered to about 18,000 job applicants over this period…The beneficial results include: 22%-28% reduced early voluntary turnover within the 1st year; and more than $800,000 dollars in saved costs to the company over the period!”




“Brink’s has partnered with MIDOT for the past 12 years, providing us with a test that “ticks all the boxes” for our recruitment and hiring needs… The test itself has undergone precise adjustments to best reflect Brinks’ profile for all our positions in terms of discretion, security and integrity. And, we’ve seen the results in the field: increased security, minimization and prevention of internal theft, and an overall improvement in the quality of candidates who become Brinks’ employees.”



“We’ve been using the Midot tests for more than 8 years to evaluate the integrity of our candidates… We are convinced that the tool is valuable supportive to our selection processes…”

Karla Vega Arroyo, Head of Talent Acquisition, Scotiabank Costa-Rica

“We assessed more than 1,000 examinees with Midot’s SafetyTEST to ensure they have the suitable characteristics to match with Komatsu’s safety culture… We to use the tool identify potential discrepancies between their safety profiles and the safety risk levels of their positions. All of these are key factors in reducing unsafe behaviors and work accidents…”

Komatsu – Mitsui Maquinarias Perú SA (KMMP)

“After using Midot IntegriTEST since 2002(!) and applying thousands of its tests, I am confident to recommend it to my colleagues as a reliable tool, giving us well needed peace of mind by helping us screen out candidates with high potentials for risky behaviors.”

Nir Golden, Head of HR, Sixt - Shlomo Group

“We have worked with Midot since 2014, and in our collaboration, we use reliability assessments and security interviews. Since we started using Midot services and products as the standard procedure for admission to IKEA, we feel more confident when it comes to hiring more reliable employees.”

Orit Shalom, VP of Human Resources

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