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Reduce employee turnover and predict early voluntary turnover among job applicants

StabiliTEST is a pre-employment assessment designed to predict early resignation potential among job applicants. The StabiliTEST is based on the notion that many of the reasons for employee resignation are related to the individuals themselves and are predictable and measurable. While most tools focus on analyzing organizational circumstances and market conditions to understand voluntary turnover among employees, StabiliTEST focuses on individual factors. Its measures include initial attitudes towards the position, personality attributes and past job performance. StabiliTEST offers a new approach to predicting voluntary turnover among job applicants, before they are hired!

Reduce employee turnover through predicting early resignation among candidates

Employee turnover can lead to significant financial losses, often estimated at as much as half to a full annual salary per incident. These damages are even more significant when employees leave within the first 3-6 months of employment. Damages are due mainly to the costs related to: recruitment, employee training, lost productivity, and compensation. The main risks are translated to financial costs, lost time and overall throughput loss.


Administration Format:

Appropriate for:
All positions, all levels

Testing time:
12-15 minutes (depending on version)

Number of items:
62-77 items

On-site or remote testing

Immediately available online

Language level requirements:
7th grade

“Hiring employees is just a start to creating a strong workforce. Next, you have to keep them.”

The Wall Street Journal

Reduce costs arising from employee turnover and calculate ROI

  • Recruit staff with a higher retention potential.
  • Mitigate turnover risks in advance, before investing time and money in onboarding and training.
  • The return on investment for using the StabiliTEST can be accurately measured with Midot ROI calculator

Clear go-no-go for candidates

  • StabiliTEST is an effective initial recruiting filter. It is especially recommended for positions with high rotation.
  • StabiliTEST provides clear-cut indications about early resignation potential among candidates, as opposed to other methods.
  • StabiliTEST is a short, 15 minutes questionnaire that can save costs and potential time loss.

Podium, a highly efficient assessment platform

  • Manage your entire personnel selection process in one place
  •  Easily customize Podium to your organizational needs
  • See all your assessments and usage analytics in clear dashboards
  • Cloud–based service, with no installation or additional hardware required.

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Companies using StabiliTEST as part of their recruitment process for high turnover positions, report a significant improvement in employee retention and savings in costs related to employee turnover.


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StabiliTEST provides one overall score of job stability, and 4 additional sub-scales:

Performance history
Personality traits
Desire for the job
Intention to stay

Mitigate the risk of voluntary resignation amongst candidates

Customer Benefits Package

As a Midot customer, you receive access to your chosen assessments, process management tools, and a wide range of complementary services: training, support, professional consulting, ROI analysis, local validation, and norms and scoring optimization. We are here to support your responsibility through a comprehensive and professional approach.


From day one and all the way through the service cycle, unlimited online and in-person training is available to all test administrators.


Midot’s team is always ready to answer users’ inquiries, typically with near-immediate response times.


Unrivaled scientific research and publications in dozens of academic studies worldwide provides robust backing for assessment decisions and enables accurate ROI calculations.


Midot is led by an interdisciplinary team of senior researchers, developers and managers with extensive education and experience in psychology, psychometrics, scientific questioning, and security.

Reports – Make informed decisions immediately

Candidate’s results are available online, immediately upon completion of the test. Their results are easily short-listed by score and can also be viewed individually with details and more extensive information for in-depth analysis. All data is easily exported to Excel for statistical analysis and managerial decisions.



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